Flesberg stave church (Flesberg stavkirke) is a stave church located in Flesberg, Numedal in Norway. It was probably built around 1200 A.D. The first written reference to the church is from 1359. The church was originally a single nave church (type B) with four free-standing internal posts bearing a raised central roof, surrounded by an ambulatory or aisles on all four sides. It had a narrower chancel, also with a raised central roof, and a semicircular apse. It was completely surrounded by a gallery loosely connected to the plank walls.

In 1735 the chancel and apse as well as the east wall of the nave were removed. The nave was extended eastwards and two transepts were added, making a cruciform plan. The additions were built in horizontal log construction with notched corners. Of the original stave church only three outer walls survived, as the internal posts and the raised roof were eliminated.
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