The Fountain of Plaza Tacit it is the symbolic expression of a city that, otherwise from the others of Umbria, is bossily manifested in the dimension of the “modern.
The materials used for the construction of the manufactured article are, besides the granite grey employee in the realization of the sidewalk, the red porfido for the edge of the fountain, the marble of Carrara, otherwise worked, for the covering of the central tub and the steel of the needle. During the second world war, the numerous aerial raids that, with their destructions, they twisted the face of the city, they didn't save the monumental fountain seriously damaged by the bombardment of October 14 th 1943. The jobs of reconstruction were taken care of in the building structures and in the fittingses by the civil Genius while the direction of the jobs for the restoration of the mosaics was submitted Conrad Cagli to the same that, also proposing the initial themes, it redrew the signs zodiacali foreseeing the employment of the “Roman mosaic” to the place of the “Venetian” previously adopted.
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