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By boothy443 @ 2007-04-18 21:18:12
Served as the center for the mentally retarded in the District of Columbia. Was closed in 1991 following a series of lawsuits over conditions at the asylum.
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Anonymous picture
@ 2009-11-01 22:48:56
Man this place is creepy!!....
Anonymous picture
@ 2009-11-01 22:57:14
I went there yesterday, no words can expain the horrible, madness and abandoned it was and I was just blown away of how messed up and sad every little thing there was. I went with my 17 year old nephew and went in 4 buildings it was and still is bone chilling overwhelming experience!. Don't recommend anyone go to this place it's definetly haunted I experienced a steel door slam in our face as we walked thru a dark hallway it was one of the scariest things I have ever seen
Anonymous picture
@ 2009-11-03 18:47:55
Imagine having to have lived here. I work with many people who were subjected to this... it's horrible. There are no words that can describe what they went through. Our worst experience does not come close to comparing
Anonymous picture
@ 2010-09-02 11:52:55
Me and a couple of my friends went there back in 2005. We saw pictures of everything they was doing to the people that stayed there it was horrible. It was pictures from the moment they made it there to the moment they were cremated. I saw and heard the figure of a little boy trying to communicate with me. Thats only have of what I saw and heard. This is one scary haunted place.
Anonymous picture
@ 2011-04-25 18:43:25
where do you park to get there
Anonymous picture
@ 2013-06-21 11:48:34
I live close by and have been there once. I went in the cafeteria building but did not go into the dark/black areas because I was alone. I did go into the chapel, which still has stain glass windows and pages of church sheet music lying on the floor. Directions: From 198 (google earth it!) you will see the turn-in which has a crumbled brick sign (sign is gone, just brick remains). Once you turn on to that road I recommend pulling off in the grass on the right hand side of the road and parking off the road. It would actually be better if you had a dual-sport motorcycle to park in the weeds and hide your ride. You will walk north about 200yds into the woods. The path is obvious from others visiting the place. Once out of the woods the first thing you will see is semi-truck trailers backed up to the cafeteria building, just left there and piles of junk furniture etc.
There is a security guard outpost if you keep going up the road, I believe that guard is there to protect the other facility that exists farther back, which was a boys home/prison-type facility. As of 6/21/13 Currently the government is renovating that place which can be seen from HWY 32 and google earth. I drive by daily and see electrician vans and other contracting services preparing the facility for something. Nobody is doing anything with Forest Haven and it is kind of off to the side so nobody really cares about it.
There is a Job Corps facility that also sits next to Forest Haven. If you look on google earth you will see the road goes through Job Corps to Forest Haven. That road has a 8-10 foot fence across it which is overgrown with vines and NEVER opens. You cannot even see through it. It's like the place was shut off from the world and forgotten. I went there in the midmorning. Good Luck!
Anonymous picture
@ 2013-10-29 19:39:27
Has anyone gotten any new information about this? I'd really like to know anything about the current situation post renovation. I know they were clearing things out, and had a construction crew out that were cleaning a lot of the rubbish that was laying around in the place. Any information would really be awesome. I've looked around a lot online, and can't find much.
Anonymous picture
@ 2014-03-04 23:54:37
I grew up nearby and went back for a look in 2013. I can not even begin to imagine what thoes poor patients went through in that Hell Hole. I went upstairs in the adminastration building and found patient files scattered all over and in file cabnets. I took photos of said files to read at home. The ex-employees should be locked up and tortured. I honestly hope they have a special place in Hell. They abused,starved,tortured and raped children there. Pulled all their teeth so they couldn't bite to fight back. I won't ever go back alone, squatters,bums and drug addicts spend their nights and some days there. I was threatened several times and finally one got up the nerve to swing on me. I am a semi pro kick boxer so I defended myself and knocked him out. Walking across the field to the church I had a few rocks thrown at me so I stopped for a quick look inside at the stained glass and that is where I observed a shadow that moved towared me. There was nothing there to cause said shadow. As it slowly came towards me all my hair stood on end and I became short of breath. Needless to say I got outta there. I have never been afraid of shadows but I never will go near there again. The whole place should be torched for fire practice.good riddance Forest Haven, I also deleated the file photos, I could not bear to read anymore of them. DON'T GO THERE ALONE or for that matter at all. Peace to you all.
Anonymous picture
@ 2014-04-29 13:25:58
Does anyone have any updates on this place? Plan to go there soon (though the story, below, of the druggies and bums sort of worries me) . . . but, confirm, sounds like security is not a problem if you go in through the woods? Ed
Anonymous picture
@ 2014-10-09 13:30:31
The place is government property, so if you're going to go exploring, keep a lookout for patrols. Also, if you take the main road to the complex, there is a sign that I believe reads "Oak Ridge Youth Center." The first thing I notice about this is there is no visible youth center. Second, if I was correct about the sign reading "Oak Ridge", anyone familiar with the Manhattan Project knows that Oak Ridge was a top secret government town in Tennessee where citizens unknowingly worked to extract uranium for the atom bomb. This makes me think that there is something more to this place than meets the eye. I never entered the property, as there was a security guard outpost, but the place just has an ominous feel.
Anonymous picture
@ 2015-06-13 01:39:09
I went to this place about a week once during the day and once at night if anyone has any questions I'll be glad to try and answer them
Anonymous picture
@ 2015-06-14 11:39:56
Where exactly is this place? I've done my research and am dying to visit but don't know how to get there from Baltimore.
mlc1us picture
@ 2015-06-14 13:04:08
Directions from Baltimore:
Anonymous picture
@ 2015-06-17 20:09:19
This the same Anonymous that said he went during the day and at night they are two completely different experiences nighttime was honestly terrifying but fun but if you do go be careful please the time that I went during the night it was me my girlfriend and my other friend and we were adventuring around the place for about two hours. It honesty doesn't seems like they dont have any type or security for the place but one thing I may warn you about is the homeless on my way back (you walk through the woods to get there) we were about half way through the woods and we had our flash lights and out of no where a guy starts walking toward us and he say "hey now don't blind me" and we point on flashlight down a little and as he gets closer I see he has air tank in his left hand a hose wrapped around his neck and something in his right hand I couldn't really see it but anyway he said "how are you guys?" and we just said good were just exploring around then he said "I'm just going to work. I've been working here for 7 years" and we were kinda weirded out about that and we just told him to have a good day and he laughed and started walking and as he was walking away he said " you don't see me with a flash light do you?" And he really didn't have one and keep in mind this was at about 11-12 at night no way you could see Anything especially walking through the woods down a barely beaten down path. Idk I just thought that was pretty crazy. But all and all this place is pretty cool and I recommend people to go. Again if you have any question post them here and I will be glad to answer them.