Many folks have always wondered why Orlando International Airport's three-letter code is MCO- it reflects the airport's previous history as McCoy AFB with was an active Strategic Air Command base until its closure in 1973 when it was taken over by the City of Orlando.

Home to SAC's B-52s, McCoy's weapons bunker complex was on the southwest side of the field and from what I have heard, is still in use today by Walt Disney World for the storage of their extensive stock of fireworks used in their many nightly shows.
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By: LoneStarOne
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Parabellum picture
@ 2007-05-13 19:07:00
Weapons bunker, sure. Nuclear? I dunno. A cite would be good. Also, some info on Disney's use for fireworks storage would be good too.
LoneStarOne picture
@ 2007-05-13 19:41:52
That's why l posted "from what l have heard "as l was told that bit about fireworks storage from someone who was a long
LoneStarOne picture
@ 2007-05-13 19:44:01
dang chubby fingers!

time employee of the airport who worked in an operations capacity. I was hoping perhaps someone else had heard of this as well.
Anonymous picture
@ 2008-04-09 20:44:35
Seems a bit far away for Disney to be storing fireworks for nightly displays.

Now this [link below] looks like Disney's fireworks storage. Far north west corner of Disney property. Buildings spaced out a considerable distance. If I were to build fireworks storage, I would build it like that:,+Orlando,+Orange,+Florida,+United+States&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=0,28.410067,-81.583699&ll=28.421976,-81.597776&spn=0.005227,0.007585&t=h&z=17
kjfitz picture
@ 2008-04-09 22:31:14
The fireworks storage that the previous commenter pointed out has already been submitted here:
Anonymous picture
@ 2011-06-01 02:36:53
MCO is an old B-52 base. its referred to in a book called "Alas Babylon" required reading for us back in 7th grade. supposedly it can be reconverted in 48 hours..Lockheed Martin just down the road..