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Fort Nonsense is one of three units of Morristown National Historical Park. The other two units are the Ford Mansion and Jockey Hollow.

Fort Nonsense occupied a high hilltop overlooking Morristown, New Jersey, and is believed to have been the site of a signal fire or smoke signal, along with earthworks. It was originally built at General George Washington's order in 1777.

How the unusual name "Fort Nonsense" was coined is unknown. Researchers say it does not appear in any available written record before 1833. The often cited story is that Washington's original purpose for constructing the fort was to keep the American troops busy and out of trouble. However, Washington's intention is reported disclosed by an order in 1777, issued as the Continental Army moved to Middlebrook, in which he directed Jeremiah Olney to remain behind at Morristown and, in his words, "[with] the Militia now here . . . Guard the Stores of different kinds . . . Strengthen the Works already begun upon the Hill near this place, and erect such others as are necessary for the better defending of it, that it may become a safe retreat in case of Necessity."
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