First flight 31/05/56. Delivered 09/07/56. Served with 2 Sqn in Vietnam as part of USAF 35th Tactical Fighter Wing. Based at Phan Rang Air Base. Arrived 08/67.

Returned to Darwin 04/06/71. During late 1972 and 1973 it was one of six Canberras modified for cartographic survey missions with a Wild RC10 camera installed in the forward end of bomb-bay along with a large circular cutout in bomb bay doors. An NF.2 navigation sight was installed along with an aerodynamic boot fitted on lower starboard side behind crew door housing the periscope head of the sight. Issued to GAF for restoration and display 06/85.

Currently gate guard at Avalon Airport Vic.

In 09/2006 Marc Chapman sent us this condition report.; "Unfortunately 232 has deteriorated dramatically since the pictures taken in 2004 were posted on this site, I made an extensive inspection of 232 and although largely complete she isnt fairing well, during my inspection I noted the following: Extensive corrosion in tail section of fuselage underneath the tailplane and also rear fuselage has apparently filled with water but has not tipped up due to bracing of rear fuselage. Paint has peeled off the fuselage leaving the skin exposed to the elements. Moss noted growing at many places on the airframe, particulary at the fuselage/wing joint and along the trailing edges of the wings. Rearmost perspex window in Nav's compartment is broken allowing birds to nest in the cockpit. Corrosion evident in main and nosewheel bays, also all tyres except port mainwheel cracked and flat. Birds nesting in port engine bay. Corrosion evident around cockpit area, and perspex has crazed and clouded but thankfully thus far has escaped the attention of vandals (mainly due to the main security post being not more than 50m away methinks) After making my inspection of 232 I talked for a while with the security team and a couple of the workers from the airport and all confirmed that nobody is responsible for maintaining the appearance of 232 and there has been no work done on the aircraft for many years, sadly it seems she is being left to rot."
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