At the German military cemetery in Nazareth are 261 German soldiers and officers of the First World War, who in those days of the Ottoman Empire which was allied with Germany, belonging to Palestine and Transjordan met their death.

These are mainly for the fallen in Palestine and buried in Nazareth soldiers are members of the first Royal Bavarian Flying Battalion. Their main task was for the then new warfare operations against the British and the Arabs, especially for the purpose of aerial reconnaissance, but also for defense against enemy aircraft - particularly for the protection of Hedjaz Railway - and the bombing of military targets. Accordingly, the equipment of the aircraft was mainly on education, but not for the aerial combat, designed, and the German pilots were inferior to the weapons technology far better equipped British aircraft hopeless and suffered heavy losses.

After the task of Jerusalem in December 1917, was the headquarters of the German troops in Nazareth, on the 20th until the city September 1918 was conquered by the British.

The site of the cemetery is now in the hospital of the "Holy Family" (also called the Italian hospital). In the First World War, these were still at an Austro-Hungarian hospital, which was led by monks. The land was offered to the German troops, as it seemed appropriate for a cemetery.

The building in its present form was established only in the years 1934-35. The cemetery is maintained by the German War welfare. In the horticultural work also helps a group of German volunteers and Israeli Chaverim (Hebrew: Friends) Behindertendorfes of Kfar Tikva.

Every year at the Remembrance Day held at the invitation of the German Embassy in Israel a memorial service for the fallen in Palestine and buried in Nazareth instead of German soldiers. Guests are mainly the Israeli military attach├ęs accredited in other countries.
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