Locals call it "de villa", but the house is more known as the ghosthouse of Sas van Gent.

The house has a huge history because of the place it was built. The house is built just beside the Belgium and Dutch border. The border that didn't exist on the time the house was build.

In 1905 gave Saint Gobain orders to architect Jozef August Jacobs to build a glass factory and surrounding houses. Jacobs became the head of the factory and the first owner of the villa. It was a beautiful big house with an amazing garden.

Jacobs lived in the villa together with his wife, his mother and his 5 children. In 1910 Jacobs build a phosphate factory, also in Sas van Gent.

But in 1914 things started to turn bad. The start of WWI. Holland begin the war as a neutral country, on the border a huge electrified fence was build. Daughter Yvonne Jacobs was always complaining how she never find a husband this way.

The old locals still talk about the "grensincidenten", the border incidents. Urban legends, but the truth as the locals claim. A German soldier who wanted to desert the army was found dead in the electric fence opposite the villa. Other stories tell better escape plans, a small guy escaped from the Germans by using a barrel between the electric wires. An other story tells us that a Dutchman who ridiculed the Belgium army outfit got his hat shot off. It was shot off by the angry Belgium soldier.

When the people of the town talk about "the last border incident", they talk about the meeting of Yvonne Jacobs and the captain of the Belgium army Chatel. Finally she found a husband.

In 1927 the Jacobs family leaves town and moves to Gent. A rich man called Bel, the new head of the glass factory moved in the Villa but moved out not much later. He thought the house was too big.

The last owner was a scouting group who used the villa as their home. They left the place abandoned in 1951.

But the story doesn't end here... no, it's just starting. The building is getting more and more attention the last few years. The abandoned villa is one of the famous haunted houses of Holland and Belgium. Many people, newspapers and even a television crew went there to search for ghosts and spirits. The ghosthunters advice not to go there, the place is too dangerous.
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