Hammering Man was designed by Jonathan Borofsky and installed on September 12, 1992. The sculpture was actually fabricated in North Haven, CT and was then installed where it stands. There are multiple hammering men sculptures all over the world. Each has an unique number to identify it. This hammering man's number is 3277164 and it is found on the rear of his back leg. His hammer moves approximately four times per minute and is on a timer so that he doesn't have to hammer at night or on labor day. The hammering man is 48 feet tall, 30 inches wide, and 7 inches deep and weighs over 20,000 pounds. He is hollow and made of steel and covered with black automotive paint. His motor is a 3 hp electric motor. Hammering man made the news on Labor Day of 1993 when activists fitted him with a ball and chain. The ball and chain were scaled to his size, with the ball being 19 feet in circumference. The Seattle engineering department set him free two days later on September 8th. The ball and chain was later auctioned to benefit Job Corps. The ball and chain wouldn't fit through the door of where the auction was being held and was rammed with a truck to make it fit. Even no longer in its original condition, the item raised $1,300 for Job Corps.
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