These helicopters have the same paint scheme of the Marine One helos. I can't find any reference to this paint sheme on this type of helicopter though. I'm guessing they are Special Air Mission helos used for VIPs in the DC area but can't find any documentation of that anywhere.
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By: kjfitz
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@ 2008-01-03 18:36:29
I'd say they're HMX-1's VH-60 models that are standing by for the POTUS or VIPs.

They're based at Quantico, and often operate out of Anacostia, but that doesn't mean they can't use Andrews as a handy base to keep a few birds close to town.
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@ 2008-01-03 21:56:25
I considered that but the VH-60 is a variant of the Black Hawk with a four bladed rotor. This is almost certainly a UH-1 Iroquois but I can't find any reference to this paint scheme.

I found reference to "Some Marine Corps UH-1Ns were converted to VH-1Ns as VIP transports, including six for Presidential use." I'm guessing that's what these are:
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@ 2008-01-04 06:33:52
You're right, those are Hueys. Maybe they keep a few old ones around for when the president of Burkina-Faso or Outer Mongolia comes to visit.
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@ 2008-01-04 14:42:04
They are UH-1N Hueys from the 1st Helicopter Squadron, Andrews AFB