Holloman High Speed Test Track (HHSTT) occupies 11 square miles in the northwest area of Holloman AFB and is adjacent to the 4000-square-mile White Sands Missile Range (WSMR). During operations, HHSTT restricts 1000 feet of airspace above the track for safety. Access to the track is limited during preparation and operations. HHSTT has supported up to SECRETSAR projects. The air space over the area is closed to all civilian air traffic and can be closed to all air traffic when requested. HHSTT is a one-of-a-kind aerospace ground facility.

Test capabilities include the following:

* Aircraft: crew escape, airblast, birdstrike, aeropropulsion, munitions launch, and infrared countermeasures
* Missile: guidance systems, aerodynamics, aeroelastics, dispensers, seekers, and components
* Life support systems: crew modules, decelerators, parachutes, ballutes/paraloons, canopies, and catapults
* Erosion: rain, dust/particle, hail, transpiration cooling, material ablation, heatshields, radomes, electro-optical windows, and re-entry phenomena
* Impact: warhead, fuse sensitivity, kinetic energy penetrators, hit-to-kill vehicles, hit sensors, survivability/vulnerability, and lethality.

HHSTT support resources encompass all the engineering, analysis, and manufacturing support a customer will likely need. HHSTT can provide the engineering design for a test, including the mechanical and aerodynamic aspects using modern CAD/CAM equipment. Fabrication shops can perform all the machining, sheet metal work, welding, heat treatment, and NDI that may be needed. HHSTT can provide the propulsion vehicles, heavy equipment, and geodetics for the test build-up, as well as perform instrument calibration, telemetry, photography, event timing (msec), and data processing/analysis.
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