How many people knows there is a ski jump arena in Denmark? Well, there is actually one north of Copenhagen.

This ski jump arena was constructed 1942-43 by Copenhagen Ski Club named after the famous one in Oslo, Norway, the Holmenkollen and had a K-point of 15 meters and the longest jump shold be 20 meters.
The first event was in february 1943. It was in use until mid 1950th. The snow came from Norway when there wasn't enough at the competitions.

The main event was a competition after the Olympic Winter Games of Oslo 1952. All contestants of the ski jump event were invited and many of them came. There came allmost 30000 spectators.

The photos shows the Holtekollens ski jump tower with man training ski jump.
A ski jumper in 1945 and 1956.
A competition in 1948 showed in a danish paper from 1948, there you can see how it looked like at that time.

Today it's more used by a BMX club.

(URL in danish with photos.)
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By: Dania
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