This compound in Jimraya has been reportedly bombed by Israelis Jets. Initial reports describe it as a "Research Facility". Three tall unique towers within compound. Military equipment and numerous revetments to west, north and east of compound.

Shown in attached news item. Conflicting reports within this item as to if this was a target.

Other reports of the airstrike mention a convoy carrying SA-17 Surface to Air Missiles headed to Lebanon.
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nico picture
@ 2013-02-01 18:44:12
Was this a separate attack? Or was this part of the same package strike that took out a SAM convoy? It is a bit confusing since no one really is giving details and just not sure if it was separate attack or just trying to confuse/muddy the water....,0,6001837.story
nico picture
@ 2013-02-02 19:28:27

This article says that there was an attack on the depot, an attack(s) on a convoy(s) and maybe some other target.
KRL picture
@ 2013-02-04 08:09:46
I find it ironic that Assad is complaining to the United Nations about the incursion; while he continues to exterminate his own people. I'll suggest that the SA-17 missiles were stored and shipped from this facility. Israel admits to it's role over the weekend: