The Etna (A5326) is a naval replenishment and logistic support ship built for the Italian Navy by Fincantieri at their Riva Trigoso Naval Shipyard. Fincantieri were awarded the contract for the Etna in July 1995, and the ship was launched in July 1997. Following successful sea trials in November 1997 the ship was delivered in February 1998.

The purpose of the Marina Militare MM Etna is to fully support the long-range missions of a naval squadron, which would typically include an aircraft carrier and complete escort. The logistic support vessel has to be in position to refuel the squadron, including the air wing of the carrier, and also provide full logistic support in terms of repair workshops, spare parts, ammunition replenishment and supplies.

MM Etna is also capable of performing civil protection roles at times of crisis. The ship has high autonomous capacity to provide electrical power, fresh water and prepared meals and also has fully equipped hospital and medical facilities on board.
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