A notorious ghostwriter owns this home. James Eugene "Gene" Ewing is a former tent minister who founded St. Matthew's Churches, a primarily mail-based ministry with churches in Texas and New York. The ministry sends out pseudo-personalized letters to targeted individuals soliciting donations. In 2007, Ewing's ministry reportedly took in around $70 million.

For a large fee, Ewing also writes these "personalized" letters for televangelists. Among the many that have utilized his services are Oral Roberts, Don Stewart, WV Grant, and Rex Humbard.

Ewing paid $3.3 million for this 6,200 sq. foot house in 2001.
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By: gordonhigh


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Anonymous picture
@ 2013-07-08 15:52:34
This is not Gene Ewings house, it looks nothing like it, I go by his house weekly and know what it looks like plus I used to work for him.
gordonhigh picture
@ 2013-07-10 19:09:50
It is his house. I can connect his wife's name directly to the address and the house is owned by a blind trust that links to a Tulsa, Oklahoma law firm known to be affiliated with Ewing and his wife.

He may or may not have other homes in the area, maybe that's where the confusion comes from.