The Aerospace Research Center (ARC), where JAXA’s Institute of Space Technology and Aeronautics is located, is at the cutting edge of aerospace research and technological development. Its various large-scale test facility installations are widely used--not only by JAXA but also by other institutions--for research and development.

The ARC is especially proud of its wind-tunnel test facility, and of its super-computer, both of which are the largest in Japan. The wind tunnel creates artificial air flow to study aerodynamic characteristics of models of aircraft and spacecraft, monitoring a range of speeds from low to hypersonic. At the Information Technology Center, the super-computer, using numerical simulations, designs and analyzes supersonic-speed experiment devices and spacecraft. It is also developing programs to solve body shake and engine heat phenomenon that affect spacecraft.
There is also a branch of the ARC near Chofu Airfield (Tokyo), which is used to access Oshima and Niijima. This facility uses experimental aircraft and flight simulators to test technology and to develop future aircraft designs.
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