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tlp333 picture
@ 2008-05-25 14:37:34
I do not believe the home featured in the TMZ photos match the home featured here. Many architectural aspects are different. For one example, the home in the TMZ photos has a chimney at one end. The home featured above does not. The chimneys on each house are also totally different. The home in the TMZ photos at 15 Heathcote Rd. appears to still be under construction. The home featured here has been built for a while because of delays in Bird's Eye View updates. I believe the home is next door to the one featured here where constrcution is just beginning in the current view.
mlc1us picture
@ 2015-04-01 11:31:25
This is not the mansion they were rumored to have purchased. According to public records this property has belonged to the same owner since 2006. The property shown in the TMZ link is located @ has belonged to the same owner since 1999 according to public records..

The rumor that Jay-Z & Beyonce ever bought any property in Scarsdale has never been confirmed.