Several odd structures around and in this pond.

If you zoom in using Google Earth it appears that the numbers next to the building on the northwest edge of the pond read 4.15 2.16.
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By: AlbinoFlea


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kjfitz picture
@ 2005-10-05 13:31:11
April 15 (4.15) is the birthday of Kim Il Sung.

February 16 (2.16) is the birthday of Kim Jong Il.
AlbinoFlea picture
@ 2005-10-10 17:37:08

Interesting... then what is this? Some sort of private retreat house?
kjfitz picture
@ 2005-10-10 18:09:37
Considering the paranoia and grandness with which this ruler does things (go to Google Earth and look at Pyonyang some time) I doubt he'd ever really come here. The first thought I had was some taody trying some blatant falttery of the boss.
dear_leader picture
@ 2005-10-15 22:00:57
Its almost like the person who did this is aware of google earth?
Anonymous picture
@ 2013-02-08 18:17:32
two massive buildings, man made lake and islands, couple of huge monuments nearby, it's definitely someone or something important... Doesn't look military either.