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Analogman picture
@ 2005-08-13 11:43:52
It's not a Sovremenny. They have the helo pad amidships, just aft of the stack. The ship in the image has it's helo deck all the way aft. The Sovremenny also carries it's pair of quad launchers for it's SS-N-22 missiles on either side of the bridge, and they are missing from this ship. Further, a Sovremenny is 156 meters long while this ship is only about 124 meters.

We might be looking at a Neustrashimyy-class destroyer, possibly one undergoing refit or construction, but I can't be certain.
Hinkkanen picture
@ 2005-08-13 13:50:52
You are right. I have Sovremenny elsewhere (two in fact) and they differ from this one. Should have taken closer look at my references.
Analogman picture
@ 2005-08-13 15:22:38
No worries.