L-3 Integrated Systems' Multi-Sensor Test Range Provides:

* Access to over 600 radio frequencies approved by FCC for testing purposes
* FAA-approved airspace for flight testing (24x7x365)
* Limited environmental concerns (noise pollution, endangered species, high population density)
* The ability to land almost any type of aircraft on its 8,000 foot runway (with 1,000 foot overruns on each end)
* FAA-certified Air Traffic Control
* FAA-certified Fire/Crash departments
* Department of Defense-certified security
* Technical experience
* Replicates real world electronic environment including Threat Reproduction/Simulation
* End-to-end electronic system test
* RF signal sources (Broadband, COMINT / ELINT, High Power Impulse, Tracking or Mobile)
* Wide array of communication equipment (Narrowband, Wideband, Agile, Clear, Secure, LOS, BLOS, SATCOM)
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Links: www2.l-3com.com
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