Île Saint-Paul (St. Paul Island) is a very small island forming part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands in the Indian Ocean. It is about 85 kilometres (53 miles) south of the larger île Amsterdam, located at 38°43′19″S, 77°31′44″E. It is a rocky and uninhabited island measuring no more than five km (three miles) at its greatest width and is completely devoid of trees.

A scientific research cabin on the island is used for scientific or ecological short campaigns, but there is no permanent population.

Île Saint-Paul is one of three islands which is an antipode of the United States. It correspondes to Firstview, Colorado. The other two antipodes are île Amsterdam and Kerguelen Island.

There is speculation that officers from the German auxiliary cruiser Atlantis hid treasure near the entrance of the bay during World War II

Not to be confused with Saint Paul Island, Alaska or St. Paul Island, Nova Scotia.
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