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TexasAndroid picture
@ 2005-07-12 08:41:22
Irrigated fields. Check out Land -> Farms for several other shots of such things, as well as explanations.
Anonymous picture
@ 2005-07-12 13:47:06
Those are crops planted in circular patterns to be more effictive, they put a water system in the center that way they wont waste water or fertilizer etc.
Anonymous picture
@ 2005-07-12 14:14:21
I suppose that these are culture fields circulars. It allows one better irrigation of lands.

Jorge Almeida
Anonymous picture
@ 2005-07-12 15:09:10
These are crop fields irrigated by a center-pivot sprinkler system. A long row of sprinklers on motorized wheels slowly rotates as the sprinklers operate. It's a means of irrigating a large field without having to manually move a row of sprinklers. These are often used for growing corn. There are some high detail images of these type of fields here.

This is outside of Pasco, Washingtont (where I live),+wa&ll=46.290207,-119.198914&spn=0.337246,0.468361&t=k&hl=en
focusfree picture
@ 2005-08-17 01:15:33
These irrigation circles are part of the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI) project.

Dulce, NM is 75 miles east. It is the seat of government for the Jicarilla Apache Tribe. The nearest Navajo city is Shiprock.