Mammoet is one of the largest heavy haulage companies in the world. Mammoet have their head office in Schiedam, Nl

Mammoet's Headoffice "The Bollard" has a striking shape, which symbolizes strength, resolve and the home base - all terms with which Mammoet wishes to identify. Not only is the shape of the office remarkable, but so is its construction. In the Netherlands we are mainly accustomed to constructing buildings in a traditional way, at the ultimate location and in concrete. The Bollard, in contrast, is made entirely out of steel, with only the upper ten stories being made of concrete. What is more, the Bollard was not built at its ultimate location in Schiedam, but was constructed in its totality (including installations, cabling, windows, etc.) in a factory hall in Zwijndrecht. The big advantage of this approach is the enormous saving in building time, since all kinds of activities (such as the laying of the foundations and the construction of the building itself) can take place simultaneously. Also, the construction was not dependent on the weather, since the office was built inside a hall.
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