Launched four Ground Launched Cruise Missiles (GLCM).

The TEL was and armored erector launched mounted on a transport the was towed by an all-wheel drive MAN V10 diesel tractor. The MAN tractor gave the TEL a highway or an off road capability for dispersed operations. There were 4 TELs per flight and each provided the physical protection and was the launch platform for the missiles and had its own internal power generation system. The TEL provided a direct interface, via fiber optic cables, between LCC and the Missiles. For launch the TELs armored launcher was raised to an angle of 45 degrees.

The LCC was and armored box that housed all the Command, Control and Communications. Weapons Control System and interfaces required for authorized launch of the 16 GLCM Missiles. The two Launch Officers in the LCC were environmentally protected from chemical, biological, and radiological attacks. The LCC was mounted on a transporter, which was towed by an all wheel drive MAN V10 diesel tractor. The LCC could travel over the highway or off road as necessary for dispersed operations. Each LCC interfaced directly with each TEL via fiber optic cables and has its own internal power generation system. Two LCCs were deployed with each flight to ensure survivability in and armed conflict. One LCC was designated as primary and the other backup during operations.
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