This is the Greenwich, CT estate of Maurice J. Cunniffe.

Mr. Maurice J. Cunniffe is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Vista Capital Corporation. He is a major investor and Chief Executive Officer in a number of other industrial companies. Previously, Mr. Cunniffe was a Partner at A.G. Becker. During his tenure as a Consultant with McKinsey & Co., he worked with chief executives of major companies in the U.S. and Europe. Mr. Cunniffe has also served as Chief Engineer at Sperry Gyroscope Company. He is a Director at Sola International. Mr. Cunniffe serves as a Trustee at Fordham University. Mr. Cunniffe served for 12 years as a Trustee of Fordham Prep, from 1983 to 1995, and played a key role in the effort to expand and upgrade the Prep's physical plant to include a 1000 seat theatre and other resources. He joined CRI's board in 1996. Mr. Cunniffe holds an A.B. in Physics from Fordham University and an M.S. from Stevens Institute of Technology.

This 18,437 square foot single family home has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The home sits on 3.6 acres of oceanfront land overlooking Long Island Sound. The property was purchased on May 1, 2000 for $12,375,000. The current appraised value for the property is $10,965,428, according to Zillow public property records. The home's value has fluctuated greatly, and was once valued at $43.7 million in August of 2007. The property has annual property taxes of $224,336 per year based on a tax assessment of $22,189,510. The acutal appraised value of the property is $31,699,300. The property is famous for being listed as having one of the top 20 property taxes in the state of Connecticut. This is one of the most expensive homes in the state of Connecticut.
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