McDonald's #1 Store Museum is a recreation of the first McDonald's Restaurant opened in Des Plaines, Illinois by McDonald's Corporation founder, Ray Kroc, on April 15, 1955.

The Museum Facility: The original red and white tiled restaurant building featuring the Golden Arches underwent several remodels through the years and was finally torn down in 1984. The present facility was built according to the original blueprints with some modifications to accommodate Museum visitors and staff. The "Speedee" road sign is original.

The customer service and food preparation areas contain original equipment used in the days when fresh potatoes were peeled, sliced, blanched and fried; milkshake mix and syrup were whipped up on the Multi-mixers; Coca-Cola® and root beer were drawn from a barrel, and orangeade from the orange bowl.

The all male crew is represented by mannequins dressed in the 1955 uniform - dark trousers, white shirts, aprons and paper hats.

The basement features a historical display of photos, memos, early advertising, memorabilia, and a short video presentation.
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By: zoidberg


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zoidberg picture
@ 2005-08-31 20:54:35
what i meant was its the first franchised Mcdonalds
Anonymous picture
@ 2005-09-01 18:07:44

I think it was in San Bernardino, CA. Ray Kroc purchased the diner from teh McDonald brothers

What is in the post is now a museum set up as an "original" McDonalds. It is on the west side of rt 45 in Des Plaines Il. Across teh street and a little south is a "new" McDonalds (red roofline)