The MH-60L Direct Action Penetrator (DAP) is an MH-60L modified to mount a variety of offensive weapons systems. Its mission is to conduct attack helicopter operations utilizing area fire or precision guided munitions and armed infiltration or exfiltration of small units. It is capable of conducting direct action (DA) missions as an attack helicopter or has the capability to reconfigure for troop assault operations. In the Direct Action role, the DAP would not normally be used as a primary transport for troops or supplies because of high gross weight limits. The DAP is capable of conducting all missions during day, night, or adverse weather conditions.

Also known informally as the "AH-60L", this upgrade of MH-60L was initiated in 1990 with the addition of FLIR, radar and standard UH-60 external stores support systems. Two Black Hawk companies of 160th SOAR each have a MH-60K platoon and MH-16K-DAP/AH-60L platoon. The MH-60L Direct Action Penetrator (DAP) armaments include a mix of multiple 30-mm Chain Gun, racks of four Hellfires and 2.75 in rocket pods, 40 mm grenade launcher or trainable 7.62 mm Gatling guns.

The MH-60L Army Special Operations variant is a UH-60L with various mods to include updated cockpit, additional avionics, precision navigation system, FLIR, aircraft survivability equipment, external tank system. Provide medium & utility helicopter support to SOF unique misions. The older MH-60L can be adapted to the attack mission by attaching dual weapons pylons to both sides of the fuselage. Pylon mounting cannon, rockets, or missiles can be supplemented by door or port mounting guns or launchers, limited mainly by the range, duration, cargo, or troops required to complete the mission. The helicopter's mission is insertion and extraction of special operations troops. Survivability equipment includes radar and missile warning systems and IR jammers.
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