This is the Weston, CT home of Michael William Vranos and his wife Anna. Vranos. Mike Vranos is a hedge fund manager. Mr. Vranos is the Founder and CEO of Ellington Financial LLC and Ellington Management Group, LLC, and Ellington Capital Management, LLC, located in Old Greenwich, CT. He previously worked at Kidder Peabody, where he was the company's "...youngest Managing Director in the 130-year history of Kidder Peabody."

The home has a current appraised value of $3,780,200 and measures in at 8,408 square feet. The property was purchased in 1997 by Mr. Vramos and his wife from The Washington Mint Inc.

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@ 2012-01-07 09:02:55
*Can you please change the name of the to "Mike "The V-Man" Vranos' House" instead of
Michael W. Vranos' House"? That is his nickname and how he is known. They even wrote about him in a comic book where they called him "Mike 'The V-Man' Vranos".

Here is the link: