Considered the home of Quebec's ski industry, it was here that in 1934, an American named Fred Pabst installed the first ski lift on Hill 70 which rapidly became one of the most popular ski destinations in eastern North America. Eleven years later, a group of businessmen joined with Victor Nymark to form UPHILL LTD. to further develop the site. In 1948, the first T-bar in North America, imported from Austria, was installed on Hill 71. Ski lifts on Hills 67 to 72 were installed throughout the following years.

At that time, the site was divided into different lots with different owners. It wasn’t until 1970 that efforts were started to unite the different lots under a common organization under the direction of Jacques G. Hébert. Jacques succeeded in convincing the owners to sell part of their interests to the ski center. The gradual acquiring of the different lots was finally achieved and in just a few years, the company changed from being a renter to being an owner. Thus, in 1972, Mont Saint-Sauveur resort was born.

During the summer, the park operates as aquatic theme park.
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