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@ 2008-08-17 08:09:44
Marielle, for your own security, it is probably not a good idea to post so much personal information in the comments on this site or any other site. I will paraphrase your message so its intent remains intact, but will remove your message so that the names and e-mail addresses of you and your relatives remains secure.

Mariel has a father who works on this ship, and was requesting that we update its location every day so she could track it. Unfortunately, Mariel, these images were snapped by a satellite or airplane as long as three years ago, and are not available in real-time. This and all other imagery on VGT were caught by coincidence, simply because the ship happened to be in port at the moment the satellite- or in the case of BEV imagery like this, the airplane- flew over. Sorry we were unable to accommodate your request with greater detail.