A clover leaf intersection across a freeway in New Jersey. Originally, I thought it was under construction since the road dissapears on either side, but the road is not shown on the map. So if it was under construction, it doesn't look like it was ever completed. It almost seems as if the whole instersection is overgrown.

(Original map title:Clover leaf intersection (under construction))
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@ 2006-01-18 19:32:24

From http://www.nycroads.com/roads/NJ-24/

In the early 1970's, construction proceeded on a 3.5-mile, four-lane section from John F. Kennedy Parkway west to Brooklake Road in Chatham. This section includes an incomplete interchange with Triborough Road (or Eisenhower Parkway Extension-Morris CR 609). Since this section did not connect to any road, it remained useless for years after it was completed.

Posting in misc.transport.road, Chris Blaney described one interesting facet about this section:

If you have ever been on the NJ 24 Freeway about a mile west of EXIT 7A, there is a 1970's-era overhead gantry and faded exit sign. All of the button copy was peeled off the sign but you can still tell what the faded letters were when the sign was made (EXIT 12-Triborough Rd-Chatham-Livingston). This is an abandoned overpass, quite wide, which would have been a new road in Chatham, connecting NJ 124 with Eisenhower Parkway in Livingston. Only this bridge and a few hundred feet of road on both ends were ever built. Why EXIT 12 and not EXIT 6? This was numbered because the NJ 24 Freeway was scheduled to continue for another six miles west of I-287 into Mendham.