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@ 2005-08-03 13:06:15
I'm thinking that the northern bridge may be a Roman aqueduct. If you follow the 'road' to the east it doesn't look like a road. At times other roads parallel it or cross it but it never looks like other roads merge onto it. Then it crosses another river and that too has those signature roman arches.
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@ 2005-08-03 13:34:58
No road merges onto it because it's a railroad. If you follow it south, you'll se that it joins the main railroad line here in Sacile:,12.508407&spn=0.004897,0.006350&t=k&hl=en

And my road atlas of Italy (1:400 000) has also helped here ;-)
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@ 2005-08-03 13:39:21
Makes sense. Thanks.