The burgers are thrown on the grill in what appears to be 1/3 to 1/2 pound of meat. I didn’t ask the exact weight as I was feeling a little verklempt after watching the chicken fry and the precision with which Nic fielded orders from patrons in seats, over the phone, and from standing, waiting to-go orders. The burger was covered with cheese, grilled onions, dressed to my specifications, and then piled onto a toasted bun. It was huge, sloppy, and extremely hot.

He also has hand-cut curly fries that are fried to each order. Sure, lots of places serve hand-cut fries, but Nic’s look better. They aren’t mushy and brown like you so often see. They are crispy, golden, and fresh. He doesn’t care about letting them sit and drain. He believes that hotter is better and throws them straight from the grease directly onto your plate. The portion of fries is the size of a small child, and when paired with a burger it is a daunting task just to finish everything.

Nic, always looking to help curb coronary disease, does not serve a double burger.
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By: Parabellum


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