The Nippon Maru Ⅱ was built in 1984, replacing the former Nippon Maru which was engaged in training of merchant marine cadets for over half a century.

The former Nippon Maru was built in 1930, brought up 11,425 trainees over a little more than 54 years to retirement, and completed about 1,830,000km voyage.

Although the former Nippon Maru had continued the brilliant voyage participating in ceremony of the 200th U.S. founding of the country anniversary (1976) etc., after 1974 with superannuation, it reduced the scale of ocean navigation and was continuing the temporary voyage.

1981, The investigation about construction of The Nippon Maru Ⅱ was started and the construction basic concept was summarized.

The fixed plans of construction was as follows.

* Fundamental engineering education etc. was taken into consideration based on The former Nippon Maru and The other sailing ship Kaiwo Maru.
* In consideration of years of operation, it had a fine sight as it was strong, and it considers as a dignified thing.
* It took into consideration enough also about hull intensity, restitutive force, a trim, sound isolation, vibration-proof, and heat-proof.
* While being equipped fully with educational equipment required for training adaptability, discipline, a sense of cooperation, and international mindeness that were indispensable elements for ship's officers.
* It took into consideration of a comfortable environment and living space on the ship in which people enable to live healthfully as much as possible.

1982, The budget about construction of The Nippon Maru Ⅱ was accepted, and it became progress of construction. The schedule from planning to complete the construction was as follows.

* 11th APR. 1983 :Keel lay at Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
* 16th SEPT. 1983 :Block loading was started..
* 14th DEC. 1983 : The first mast (a jigger mast, mast at the tail end) was carried.
* 15th FEB. 1984 : Launching ceremony was celebrated in the presence of the Crown Prince and Princess.
* 16th SEPT. 1984 : Construction was completed and it was handed over. The first trainee was accepted and the maiden voyage was started.
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