Former site of Fort Sullivan.

Now closed, this US naval prison, known as "The Rock," on Seavey Island in Kittery was the most feared for 66 years. It contained about 86,000 military inmates.
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By: kjfitz


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@ 2009-10-09 06:39:55
as a young Marine brig guard stationed at Treasure island Calif in 1960 I escorted a draft of Navy prisoners to the prison at Portsmouth,belive me,one look at that place was a chilling experience
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@ 2011-02-05 09:05:47
I was a guard there as a Marine in 1969. Manned a tower outside above the excersise yard. Very interesting duty but couldn't wait to get a new duty station. I would love to go back and look it over after all these years but don't know if it's at all possible to do that.
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@ 2011-06-15 17:01:40
I was a Marine at the prison in 1970,correction superviser . I would love to back and see it , it was one of the most strange dutys I had in my 20 years in the Corps . Gunny B
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@ 2013-03-26 18:46:30
For a closed place, there sure are a lot of cars there.
I recently read a novel which used this as one the settings for a mystery.
Until then, I'd never heard of it.
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@ 2013-04-29 00:30:22
My dad did 2 years there . He got his life together in the 80's and i was born in the early 90's . Now i work for the system LOL . How ironic .