Jim Creek Naval Radio Station

One of the world's most powerful transmitters, this million watt Navy radio facility communicates with submarines at sea using very low frequency radio waves. Built in 1953 in the foothills of the northern Cascades, ten massive antenna cables, all more than a mile long, span the Jim Creek valley, suspended by twenty 200 foot tall towers.

The United States Navy VLF radio transmitter and Antenna are located at Jim Creek, in Oso, Washington. The primary mission of this radio site is to provide radio transmitting capabilities for the Pacific submarine fleet. Established in the 1950's, the transmitting system developed for the site remains 'state -of-the-art' in producing low frequency emissions world-wide. Located near Arlington, Washington, in the foothills of the Cascades, north of Seattle, the site has 5,000 largely forested acres.
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@ 2006-06-16 16:35:27
There is a Navy personnel recreation center there, as well. Camp sites and cabins.