Peter Jansen Wessel (alt. spelling Peder), better known as Tordenskjold (lit. "thundershield"), (October 28, 1691 – November 12, 1720), was an eminent Norwegian naval officer in the service of the King of Denmark-Norway. He rose to the rank of Vice-Admiral in the Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy for his services in the Great Northern War.

Born in Trondheim, Peter Wessel travelled to Copenhagen in 1704, and was employed in the navy. He won a name for himself through audacity and courage, and was ennobled as Peter Tordenskjold by king Frederick IV of Denmark in 1716. His greatest exploit came later that year, as he destroyed the supply fleet of Charles XII of Sweden at the Battle of Dynekilen. In 1720, he was killed in a duel.

In Denmark as well as in Norway he is probably considered the most famous naval hero, and he is featured in the national anthems of both countries. His was an unusually successful rise in rank, considering he died when he was only 29 years old.

On a spot where he fell in the duel a memorial stone stands and the street where it stands is named Tordenskjoldstrasse.
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