The Piątkowo transmitter (Polish designation: SLR Piątkowo) is a facility for directional radio and broadcasting of local FM and TV programmes at Piątkowo, a northern residential district of the Polish city of Poznań. The Piątkowo transmitter, property of the Polish company Emitel, consists of two towers of different height and construction type.

The smaller tower is a 76 metre tall free-standing concrete tower, which was built in 1963. Unlike most concrete telecommunication towers, it has no antenna mast on its top. The higher tower of Piątkowo transmitter is a 128 metre tall free-standing lattice tower, which was built in 1993. This tower is the second tallest structure in Poznań (a chimney of a power station in the urban part Karolin is taller) and belongs to the tallest free-standing radio towers in Poland.
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