Unusual landing field north of Tucson, Arizona. A helicoper can be seen. Any idea what this is?
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@ 2005-05-20 10:14:37
It may be associated with the Army training center at Pinal Airpark?
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@ 2005-05-20 12:49:37
Probably. Then again, it might be the base for "The Black Helicopters".
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@ 2005-05-20 14:33:43
In January of FY-95 a state of the art aviation stagefield was opened near Picacho Peak, and then in April the AH-64 Apache Combat Mission Simulator became a reality.

The concept plan for the Western Arng Aviation Training Site (WAATS) was developed in 1978. This plan identified a critical need for supporting the aviation training for the Army National Guard. The Western AATS was established by the National Guard Bureau (NGB) in order to perform basic and advanced aviation training. The Western AATS conducts NGB directed attack helicopter, aerial gunnery and aeroscout training. This training is for ARNG instructor pilot, aviator, and enlisted personnel which is not within a State’s or unit’s capability or authority to perform. This training is accomplished through the use of aircraft, aerial gunnery ranges, and full motion flight simulation. The Western AATS conducts "restricted" flight training. This includes instructor pilot (IP) qualification, conduct of touchdown emergency procedures training of Ips, and flight training in modernized aircraft. Army recognition as a "centralized" training base and an on-site Directorate of Evaluation and Standardization Branch (DES) provides for this special authority.

The Western AATS was organized on 1 October 1986. A phased ramp up of training was programmed for the Western AATS that would result in being fully operational in FY – 90.

During FY-93 NGB tasked the Western AATS to provide Reconnaissance and Interdiction Detachment (RAID) training. The Western AATS provides initial field training for RAID units located in the several States authorized such units. The Western AATS provides training assistance to support the overall NGB standardization program for these units.

In January of FY-95 a state of the art aviation stagefield was opened near Picacho Peak, and then in April the AH-64 Apache Combat Mission Simulator became a reality.

December of FY-98 brought another milestone for the Western AATS in the completion of a 76 man dormitory (bringing the total of rooms to 136) and also the completion of a 200 man per hour dining facility. FY-98 saw an international influence impact the Western AATS with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates utilizing simulator assets while many of their maintainers were provided with on the job training. Pilots from Turkey and Korea also attended training at Silverbell Army Heliport.

The Western AATS training areas ranges and facilities are among the best in the world. Southern Arizona provides an excellent training environment for flight and academic instruction. While Arizona provides the overall environment, people must provide the day to day management of the training site to maximize available resources ensuring a world-class training environment.
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@ 2005-08-06 18:13:05
It's a heliport of the AZ National Guard.
Look it up under
and scroll down to
Picacho Auxiliary Army Airfield #1, Picacho, AZ.
There are some interesting earlier aerial photos showing
the original training airfield from the 40's and 50's.
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@ 2013-01-21 09:55:20