According to the latest round of U.S. Census figures, released late last year, the village has the highest poverty rate in the nation, and the largest percentage of residents who receive food stamps. Only one other place in the 50 states has a lower median income. The median household income in Kiryas Joel is $15,848; in Carbondale, Ill., it's $15,799.

More than two-thirds of Kiryas Joel residents live below the federal poverty line and more than 40 percent receive food stamps, according to the American Community Survey, a U.S. Census Bureau study of every place in the country with 20,000 residents or more.
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By: kjfitz
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Anonymous picture
@ 2009-02-16 18:32:29
Thats sad. Cause our average man needs a cell phone, he needs a watch.... But these people would be happy with almost any gift given. Just shows how much "need" now. If those people can live with bwhat they have, whats stopping us from giving them something?
Citrohan picture
@ 2009-07-09 12:35:05
A few things that may help one understand why this community is so poor. It is basically a religious community, two tenets of the sect are women are not allowed to work outside the home and they are expected to have lots and lots of babies. The average household has six people, but it is not unusual for couples to have 8 or ten kids. Additionally, interaction with people outside their community is not encouraged, thereby limiting places where one can work.