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TexasAndroid picture
@ 2005-06-27 13:31:47
Ok. Packing tape was one thing, but Post-It notes? I have now officially seen it all.

doranchak picture
@ 2005-06-27 14:08:43
If only there was a message scribbled on that note! :)

"TO-DO: Remove packing tape before shipping images to Google server."
Blue_Scapegoat picture
@ 2005-07-11 23:37:33
It's awefully small... It does look like a post-it-note, but imagine how large the photos must be in comparison. If a post-it-note appears that small, then they must be shpping millions of photos...
Also, it's in line with the edges of that property, and it has small marks on it. I think it's just a barn. Maybe the owner has a bad taste in color.
it looks like the shadow is curved because I think the building has a slight arc to the roof. That or the land has a slight indentation on the west side. If you look at the buldings to the east, their shadows also point west.
Anonymous picture
@ 2005-07-13 20:00:59
doranchak picture
@ 2005-07-14 21:54:17
You might be right! Perhaps yellow is a goof roof-color for Thailand due to the terrible heat.

OK, someone needs to organize a Thai road trip to solve this once and for all. :)
doranchak picture
@ 2005-07-14 21:59:00
Oh - check this out:,103.356596&spn=0.004515,0.007522&t=k&hl=en

More yellow. :)
Blue_Scapegoat picture
@ 2005-07-15 13:29:02
Good call.

I think it's just roofing, probably for the heat, as you said.
Kooothor picture
@ 2005-08-27 19:40:45
The second time, it's just dirty water