Explore radio from Marconi's earliest wireless telegraph to the primitive crystal sets of the 1920s, through Depression-era cathedrals and the post-War plastic portable radios, and finally, to the development of radio with pictures, called television.

The museum is located in the 1906 Harmel House, an old storekeeper's residence in the village of Mitchellville, a section of modern south Bowie. A store occupied the site as early as the 1870s. The Edlavitch family, Russian Jews who immigrated to the rural Bowie area in 1888, lived in the house until 1925. The Harmel family later lived there, operating the old store as one of the earliest African-American businesses in the area until a 1985 fire destroyed it. The City renovated the house, and now has joined the Radio History Society in presenting the broadcasting history which so dramatically has shaped our lives from the 1920s to today.
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