Rahway State Prison is the former and still most commonly used name for the East Jersey State Prison, a male prison facility of the U.S. state of New Jersey. The prison is operated by the New Jersey Department of Corrections.
The prison is actually located in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey. However, the mailing address is in Rahway, leading many to believe the facility resides there. The prison's property resides on the border of Rahway and Woodbridge Township. The name was changed in 1988 at the request of the citizens of Rahway.
The prison is best known nationally for three high-profile professional boxers who were at one time incarcerated there. The most famous of these men was former middleweight contender Rubin Carter, featured in the 1999 movie The Hurricane, but the best was probably Dwight Muhammad Qawi, who became a two-time world champion after leaving Rahway. A contemporary of Qawi, James Scott, was a title contender of the same era who fought many times inside the prison itself, including a fight against Qawi in 1981.
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