Submerged six meters below the Red Sea is the world’s very first underwater bar and restaurant, the Red Sea Star Restaurant, Bar and Observatory. Each table has two windows on the side and one above giving diners an octopus eye-view of the kaleidoscope beauty of the undersea kingdom. Ironically, the guest’s attention tends to get torn between the magnificent sea creatures in the colorful coral garden outside and the marine looking creatures and shapes inside such as the jellyfish stools and anemone lighting fixtures. The restaurant offers continental cuisine with the main course priced between USD$10-20. It seats 105 guests and is open daily including weekends and holidays from 10 am to 1 am.

Before the Red Sea Star was built in 1998, the area on where it now sits was a dirty and desolate seabed caused by severe damage due to illegal human activities. Four years before it opened for business, the “Star” team started growing a coral nursery surrounding the reef to save, recreate and preserve what used to be an active and colorful coral reef 20 years ago. Now, it has also become the only underwater night observatory in the world where the softly lit rare sight of the underwater kingdom at night is seen through the Star’s 62 amorphous windows.
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