Many scenes of the Comedy Central show 'Reno 911!' are filmed at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's building in Carson. Shots of this sign are often used in transition between scenes.
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By: milwhcky


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@ 2009-11-13 21:42:51
I just came back from RENO and to my dismay this show is not filmed here (as i was informed) by a RENO sheriff officer. Just the little film clips of the city.. What a waist of a TRIP!!! (but i did have fun) THANKS HARRAHAS CASINO
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@ 2010-03-04 18:35:11
Reno 911 is indeed filmed in Carson, California. They caused a bit of a stink when they filmed in our residential neighborhood until 2 in the morning, with actors setting a police car on fire after midnight and yelling foul obscene words. It was a parking nightmare and the community was never given the opportunity to decline to participate. There was also no real police presence to assist with crowd control, etc. It was a mess. I hope that they will actually move to Reno for future filming. Our neighborhood was disrupted on a school night-- it was hot and impossible to sleep with the commotion that they created.

Of course, the cast was great, signing autographs, etc. Funny, though, they didn't sign their real names, just the names of their characters.