The eight-bedroom building is expected to be worth up to nearly 300,000,000 !!! million when completed.
For Chelsea football club owner Abramovich, whose $23.5 billion fortune makes him the 15th richest person in the world, the house will be a measure of his vast wealth and an opulent expression of his personal style.
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By: neotrix
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monkeymaniac picture
@ 2008-09-27 19:02:26
He's creating a huge house by buying up several apartments in two adjacent townhouses in lowndes square, knightsbridge and is converting them into one huge residence. Each house in this square is around 15,000 sq ft., so the finished mansion will be around 30,000 sq ft. however, only the interior of the two combined houses can be changed (as it is grade 2 listed), so it will still have two front entrances. Also, lowndes square, although in knightsbridge, is not the poshest place in london - close by belgrave square is more exclusive, as the houses are better looking and have bigger gardens. Even more exclusive are the detached villas in Kensington Palace Gardens and Inner Circle Regents Park, although they almost never come up for sale.
So although this place will be worth a fortune because of its sheer size and location, I'm not sure whether anyone would spend £150 million for it, when you can get much better properties for around that price or a lot less even.
However, at this end of the market you never really know whats happening because to these billionaires money is just no object.
monkeymaniac picture
@ 2008-09-27 19:10:03
take a look at the houses in Kensington Palace Gardens (thats where among others Lakshmi Mittal, Leo Blavatnik and the Sultan of Brunei live) they're just amazing! also, take a look at the houses in inner circle regents park! they're equally brilliant!
those are true billionaire properties - they are detached and have a big garden - much better than this one in my opinion.