The Roman town of Pollentia, called now Pol·lèntia in Catalan, is to be found on the outskirts of the mediaeval walls of the historic centre of Alcúdia. It is one of the two towns, the other one was the present Palma, founded by the consul Quintus Caecilius Metellus, leader of the Roman expedition that dominated the island in 123 BC. The remains occupy an area of some 12 hectares and the group includes the residential district Portella, where the excavations have uncovered two streets and several houses, plus the Forum, the public square where singular buildings have been found, such as the Capitol Temple dedicated to imperial cult. As from the III century AD a wall was built of which 100 metres are preserved. On the outskirts of the town, some 10 minutes on foot, is the Roman theatre, built at the end of the I century AD with a capacity for 2000 people. The Roman town started its decline as from the IV century AD, particularly after the Vandal and Byzantine invasions.
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