This 20,000 sq. foot home is owned by Ron Riggi, CEO of Turbine Services Ltd., a firm that sells parts to GE. His wife Michele Riggi is a local socialite who runs a company called Posh Palazzo Pups, where she sells books and other materials to raise money for local animal shelters and charities. Mrs. Riggi owns 36 dogs herself.

The Riggis caused a kerfuffle when they purchased a Civil War-era home adjacent to their property and bulldozed it to make way for a large lawn for Michele Riggi's dogs to roam free. Mrs. Riggi has the lawn heated year-round so her dogs will never have to worry about snow.

The Riggis have christened their home "Palazzo Riggi". Their son Chris is also an actor who has had roles on Gossip Girl and in Vampires Suck.
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Saw it for the first time tonight. Loved it!