British forces in Berlin had their own "combat in cities" course which was sometimes used for simulated combat by US Berlin Brigade -- especially during big ARTEPS or FTX.

The British "ghost city" was located in Ruhleben, a sub-district of Charlottenburg. To find this range, drive down Havelchausee from the rear of Keerans Range to the end of the street -- about 7 or 8 miles. The British "Fighting City" still exists, located between the main British live-fire range, a German cemetery, and the main West Berlin Police barracks.

Through the 1970s, Ruhleben Fighting City was very small, consisting of a dozen one and two story buildings located within a one square mile wooded area. It was open to the public who had a close-up view of British troops shooting it out with blank ammunition.

Ruhleben Fighting City was renovated and enlarged during the 1980s. It became something of a "twin" to the US Doughboy City. Trees were removed and the whole area made inaccessible to civilians. The new range included a large number of gray concrete houses of various styles. There was a church, several bridges, a super market, a park house, and other specialty buildings. The revised Ruhleben Fighting City sat near the original one with an old yellow Berlin U-Bahn wagen sitting between on a rail way track.
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