Located in the Chocolate Mountains of southern California, specifically in the Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range.
From the Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields website (www.airfields-freeman.com) -- "Not much is known about this airfield, including its name,purpose, or date of construction. No airfield at all was depicted at this location on USGS topo maps from 1969, 1980, or 1992. However, the 2002 USGS aerial photo depicted what appeared to be a single 2,400' northeast/southwest asphalt runway . . . this runway may have presumably been constructed as a target airfield, and never actually used as a real airfield. Or it may have been established as an “expeditionary” airfield for training use by AV-8 Harriers from MCAS Yuma."
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By: AKpilotEMT
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